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To say Dr. Meghji is passionate about helping others would be an understatement. Whether in his practice or elsewhere, it is his purpose. He has aligned himself with non-profit organizations that specialize in providing services to those who are unable to obtain care for themselves. From surgical missions in Tanzania to caring for patients at his practice, Dr. Meghji places his energy where it truly matters. He is currently active in some organizations providing support to the community.


Whether in his own practice, or in such organizations as Reconstructive Surgery Tanzania (RecoTz), Dr. Meghji’s priority is helping others in any way he can. His surgical missions, as well as contributions to other non-profit organizations, give him a sense of pride separate from what he accomplishes at his own practice. It also could be said that one complements the other, leading to a well-rounded application of his surgical and anthropologic purposes.

As a founder of Reconstructive Surgery Tanzania (RecoTz), Dr. Meghji provides hands-on treatment and funding support to those in need. His medical and surgical prowess helps such patients get relief from congenital and other defects, whether caused by trauma, infection or cancer. Such complex reconstructive procedures are not readily available to such patients. Dr. Meghji is proud to help such patients and give them a new lease on life. After treatment, his patients are blessed with an entirely new outlook, able to move forward in life, free from such encumbrances.


Tanzania Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (TASPRAS)

Dr. Nadir Meghji serves as the vice president of the Tanzania Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons (TASPRAS). Through this organization, they provide an interactive platform for mentorship and leadership skills, clinical training and research activities, maintain ethics among plastic surgeons to ensure patient safety, conduct various surgical camps to serve the community as well as establishing local and international collaborations with other professional organizations and institutions focused on Reconstructive plastic surgery.

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Tanzania Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (TASPRAS)

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